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Clinicians and statisticians working on data-centric challenges compared with other areas of data science

All working to create strategies to maintain human health and understand the progression of disease

R/Medicine brings together people in human health to enhance capabilities and foster research and development

Be exposed to useful tools and engage in meaningful interactions

The goal of this conference is to understand and grow the community.

The Yale School of Public Health,

Biostatistics Department

The Committee

Mara Alexeev, Memorial Sloan Kettering

Joseph Chou, Harvard University

Peter Higgins, The University of Michigan


Beth Atkinson, The Mayo Clinic
Denise Esserman, Yale University (Program Chair)
Michael Kane, Yale University (Conference Chair)
Balasubramanian Narasimhan (Naras), Stanford University
Joseph Rickert, RStudio
Hongyu Zhao, Yale University

We hope you enjoy the conference.

R/Medicine 2019 Opening Remarks

By Michael Kane

R/Medicine 2019 Opening Remarks

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